KK alu foldable table

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Design & Lifestyle

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KK aluminium concept Kees Kusters. Robust and aesthetic designs from pure simplicity and practical principles. The paper paper model was a source of inspiration. Folding of sheet material and laser technology were decisive for the concept. The first product in this series, the KK aluminum table is a smart in folding table suitable for indoor and outdoor and a real all-rounder. At the table can make a wall bracket / coat rack that it can be easily hung on the wall as a wall panel. Storage of the table is therefore not necessary. The aluminum table is particularly strong through the judicious use of the sheet material. This KK aluminum table is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for individuals and for profit and non-profit institutions, for static or dynamic use. When could include dynamically to applications in areas that are used multifunctional and that the table can be stored easily folded to a wall bracket on the wall. Also, the table particularly suitable for high-quality on-site catering.

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Kees Kusters

Aluminium supplier(s):

MCB: https://www.mcb.eu/nl/aluminium/platen/c/0010010009


Suplacon: http://www.suplacon.com/


Options: By default, the KK aluminum table provided in the format 198 x 84 cm aluminium anode performance, dealt clear anodized. This version has a fair material look of aluminium with a matte appearance. There is also the version in aluminum epoxy with a

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