Who can enter the competition

Designers, builders, manufacturers, as well as importers and constructors may participate in the 2016 EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD Industrial Design & Engineering.

All aluminium products, or product in which aluminium plays a significant role, which have been marketed or produced on or after 1 January 2014 and which are covered by one of the specified categories may apply. This means that products from around the world are invited to enter. With respect to the entry fee each product may enter in several categories. 


The 2016 EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD shall be awarded to products in which aluminium is applied in a useful and innovative manner. The following criteria shall be taken into account in the assessment of the entries:

  • Originality and functionality of the use of the materials: the degree to which the metal aluminium is used in an original and useful manner.
  • Functionality of the product: the degree to which the part meets both its primary user function and its technological function, as a result of use of materials, construction and any ergonomical adjustments
  • Design: the degree to which the design as a whole reaches a harmonic unity or a solution - by the construction of the design and the details of the shape, all this in relation to the material used
  • Durability and Resource efficiency; the amount and type of resources used - raw materials, human beings, machines and energy - in relation to emission and life cycle costs
  • Recycling: the possibility to recycle the applied materials and the raw materials used
  • Representativity and promotional value for aluminium
  • The designs or products must have been taken into production - except ideas or products from Young Talents. 
  • Products or projects must be entered at one's own initiative. 


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